EZQuickList Email Marketing combines feature rich mailing list management with supreme ease of use. Save time and money while enhancing your marketing.

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Every business needs a tool for promotion - start building your email subscription list the EZQuickList way!

With EZQuickList, you will be on the road to managing your own email subscription list in no time. Target customers, send out newsletters, highlight special offers - and much more! This is a great promotional tool for your business or organization!

Features Include:

  • Unlimited subscriber lists
  • Easy online administrative panel which means you have access from anywhere
  • Customized content to reinforce your brand or image
  • Log in and send out your own messages, or let us manage your mailings - you decide!
  • Plus much more!

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Benefits of EZQuickList

Powerful Auto-Responder Features
The timed auto responder features allow you to designate any number of emails to be sent out so many hours after a user subscribes (you decide how many hours). In other words, you can have an email sent out 1 hour after subscription, another at 1 week after their subscription, another at 3 months after subscription, and so on.

Bounced E-mail Management

By setting up the bounced e-mail management feature with 1-2-All, you can detect and delete all bounces that occur after your mailing. The system will then flag bounced addresses. After so many times bouncing (you decide how often), the address will be removed from your list, keeping your list clean of bad addresses.

Graphical Reporting

You can easily generate graphs for statistical reporting. Graphs include: By List - 30 day subscription trend; 30 day mailing trend - list comparisons by subscribers and messages; By Message - Successful vs Unsuccessful; and Bounced, Read/Open, Link Tracking; and Read/Open Trends over 30 days.

Click here to see the full list of features and benefits.

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